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Why Choose Suniu As your Fluoroplastic tubes Supplier in China ?


12 Years manufacturing experience.

Suniu  is a manufacturer and supplier of PTFE Tubing, FEP Tube, PFA Tube in Dongguan, mainland China. Since 2005, we began to manufacture Fluoroplastic tubes.



Extruded Machines from Taiwan.

Suniu update and use extruded machine from Taiwan.They are more precise with smaller tolerance and more stable temperature. With such advantage, our tubings feature with tight tolerance and smoothy surface.



Engineer Director, 15 years experience.

Our engineer director has been in teflon tube industry for more than 15 years. He was one of the first engineers from foreign-funded enterprice factories in mainland china ,The production technology of PTFE tube in mainland was introduced from foreign-funded enterprice.



Brand Resins, No mix.

Dongguan Suniu electronics Co.,Limited use different brands fluoropolymer virgin resins to meet customer quality requirement. Such as Global brands Dupont,Daikin,AGC, and China domestic brands Dongyue,Chengguang.etc. 



Company Credit Verified.

Third-Party Audit, Suniu fatory is audited by CCIS(PRC) for legal exsistance in China.

Alibaba Verify, Workplace verified by Alibaba experienced staff personally. Alibaba paid member.

Logistic Verify, Contracted customer of DHL,UPS and Fedex.  


 suniu ptfe manufacturer


Factory information in mainland China:

Organization Code: 34530665-4

Tax Registeration No.: 441900345306654

Business License Registration No.: 441900002522235

Bank Account Certification grant No.: J6020055214101

Company name in Chinese: 东莞市三牛电子材料有限公司

Company name in English: Dongguan Suniu Electronics Co.,Limited

ADD: Suniu Building Miaobianwang Village,dongguan city guandong Province 523320 ,China


Company branch in Hongkong:

Company name: Dongguan Suniu Electronics Co., Limited

Registeration No.: 2303127 

Tax Registeration No.: 65418167-000-11-15-6


Company T/T Account (For USD, EUR,GBP) : 

Account name: Dongguan Suniu Electronics Co., Limited
Account number: 848 808903 838
Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Hong kong
Beneficiary bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central ,Hong Kong
Bank Code: 004


Paypal Account: sales@ptfetube.co 


Notification: For safe payment, please don´t T/T to private account. Our company only use TT and Paypal bank account. Before payment, it´s better to check company legitimacy.

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