Quality Control During Manufacturing Process
 Resins quality control    molding check    Production monitoring    Sintering control

 1. Raw Materials


 2. Moulding


 3. Extrusion


 4. Sintering

 Testing during production    Outgoing Testing    Package quality    Safe and fast transportation

 5. Testing during production


 6. Outgoing Testing


 7. Package


 8. Trasport

Suniu Testing Machines 

testing machines


Suniu Company strive to offer fluoroplastic tubes/ beading with best quality basing on different resins. To comply with specifications of ASTM, GB/T and ISO, we use standard testing machines to control product quality.

Material Control

Suniu factory use PTFE dispersion resins for our PTFE Tubes. The materials pass GB 11990, ASTM D4895. For PFA and FEP tubes, we use resins meeting specifications of ASTM D3307, ASTM D2116.   

  PTFE resin DFD ceti  

 PTFE material SGS certification


Daikin resin certi




Fluoroplastic Resins Water Absorption Testing:

 PTFE tubing with bubble  Water Absorption Tester


    Fluoroplastic tubing showing bubbles if resins with excessive waster absorption.

The tubes couldn´t pass pressure testing



  Water absorption Tester used for measuring degree of water

absorption of fluoroplastic resins





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