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    PTFE Stripe tube

      ptfe stripe tube

    As a professional ptfe tube supplier in China, Suniu company also manufacture striped tubing made from PTFE to meet different customer requirement. PTFE striped tube is most used to identify chemical processes and specific fluid handing .


    The striped tubing is easily identified without the need to search for hard to find markings. Unlike traditional marking systems, this tubing’s markings are part of the extrusion process and create a permanent marking that resists rub-off, chemical attack and heat deterioration. Additionally, the pigmented portion of the tubing is confined to the tube’s outer wall, thus avoiding any risk of contaminating the fluids inside.


    PTFE Tubing color Stripes Properties:

    1. Stripe is continuous along tubing length, thus tubing is easily identified without the need to search for hard to find markings

    2. Used to easily identify tubing running different types of fluids

    3. Properties are the same as for regular “un-striped” PTFE tubing

    4. Stripe marking is on the outside of the tubing, thus eliminating any possibility of interaction with the color band

    5. Striped band resists wear and deterioration from exposure to high temperatures or to chemically aggressive environments.



    Company Credit:

    Third-Party Audit:
      Suniu Factory is audited by CCIS(PRC) for legal exsistance in China. Tax No.: 441900345306654
    Alibaba Check:
      Workplace Verified by Alibaba experienced staff personally. Alibaba paid golden member.
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      Verified by logistic companies. Contracted customer of DHL,UPS and Fedex.  



    Basic Information:

    Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
    Main Products: PTFE Tubes, FEP Tubes, PFA Tubes,etc
    Monthly Production: 20 Tons

    Markets Share:


    PTFE Tube Machines:



    Oversea  71.00%;Domestic 29.00%


    Paste extrued machines from Taiwan 


    UK AGC, Japan Daikin,

    Domestic Dongyuie,CHC 

    Location: Dongguan, China (Mainland)
    Total Employees: More than 20 Workers






    12 Years



    15 Years, former in

    Taiwan PTFE Factory

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