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Quality and Certifications

Suniu prducts are CE, ROHS compliant.

All tubes supplied by Suniu Manufacturer will be offered with a Certificate of Conformity if requested. Full Material certification 

can be supplied if requested prior to manufacturing. All Fluoroploymer Resin used in production tube conforms to the following 

Standards and Certification:-

•  FDA



•  ISO9001

(All PTFE, FEP, PFA used in manufacture fully meets and complies this standard)

Fuoroploymer material control:

At Suniu factory, we use high-quality PTFE dispersion resins for our PTFE Products, conforming to GB 11990 and ASTM D4895. For PFA and FEP tubes, we employ resins adhering to ASTM D3307 and ASTM D2116 standards. Thus, ensuring our tubes surpass client expectations in quality and performance.

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Testing Equipments:

Suniu Company strives to offer the best quality fluoroplastic products, based on different resins. To ensure compliance with the specifications of ASTM, GB/T, and ISO, we use standard testing machines to control product quality.

testing equipmenttesting equipment

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