Newly purchased 10000 square meters industrial zone to enhance competitiveness

Our Company Secures 10,000 Square Meters of Land to Boost Competitiveness via New Industrial Plant

Recently, we made a strategic move to procure 10,000 square meters of industrial land located in a vibrant county in central China. Though we already have one manufacturing

plant of 2000 square meters in Shipai town, Dongguan City, Guangdong.

This acquisition heralds the construction of our second production facility which aims to augment our production capacity, refine product quality, and more importantly, 

enhance competitive edge.

Strategic Location & Cost Efficiency

The new facility, nestled merely 500 meters away from a proximate expressway exit, benefits from a location that promises seamless transportation. 

The labor cost within the county is significantly economical, ringing in at half the cost of labor in Guangdong. This cost efficiency will significantly drive down our production 

costs and streamline our competitive strength.

Government Support & Improved Efficiency

The local government's robust support for our new venture comes in the shape of desirable preferential policies. 

Tax reductions and financial subsidies offered by the local government will ease the fiscal burden, and promote operational efficiencies for our growth.

Commitment towards Quality & Innovation

We take pride in catering to our customers with the highest quality products and services. The new plant stands as testament to our unwavering commitment and will enable 

us to bolster our production capabilities and enhance the caliber of our offerings. 

Further, bolstering investment in research & development will prime us to continually innovate and exceed customer expectations with fresh offerings.

As we embark on this exciting chapter, we are confident that the collective efforts of our team will expedite the completion of our new plant. This new facility is anticipated to 

fuel progress and further solidify our footprint in the industrial domain.

Dongguan Suniu Electronics Co.,Ltd  2022.10.7


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