• PTFE lined hose

PTFE lined hose

PTFE Lined Hose manufacturer supply with sizes from An3 to An10. And I.D. size of 5mm to 19mm

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Why choose us as your PTFE Lined Hose Business Partner ?

Suniu is a manufacturer of PTFE lined hoses since. We supply range of ptfe braided hoses for your business. Like smoothbore ptfe hose, PTFE an hose, Nylon braided ptfe hose, rubber cover ptfe braided hose.etc.

* 10000 Square meter Industrial Zone             * 8 Years manufacturing experience      * Manufacturing ptfe inner core tubing      * 100% proof test each hose


PTFE lined hose(Smooth Bore)

Braided ptfe hose

Meet or Exceed SAE J517 100 R14 Standard ptfe hose supplied by Suniu Factory. It features an inner core of ptfe tubing renforced by 304 stainless steel for strength and protection. Smooth bore PTFE braided line specifications:

SizeDash SizeI.D. (mm)O.D. (mm)

Nylon PTFE Lined Hose(Stainless steel)

Nylon ptfe hose

Nylon braided PTFE S/S hose is a flexible PTFE hose with a resilient nylon outer cover, suitable for high-demand automotive application due to its chemical resistance and temperature tolerance. 

AN SizeInner Dia.Outer Dia.Item Cose

Rubber Coating PTFE Lined Hose

rubber cover ptfe braided hose

The Rubber Cover PTFE S/S Hose is a versatile, strong line with a PTFE core, stainless steel braiding, and an external layer available in PVC, silicone, or PE. Known for its durability, resistance to chemicals, and thermal endurance, it is widely utilized across various industries.

AN SizeInner Dia.Outer Dia.Item Code

Our PTFE Lined Hose Features:

PTFE Lining: Superior grade, chemically inert, non-stick PTFE lining that ensures excellent flow rates.

Temperature Resistance: Can withstand temperatures ranging from -70°C to +260°C, offering optimal performance in extreme conditions.

Pressure Rating: Exceptional pressure rating accommodating up to 3000 PSI.

Size Variations: Available in various sizes from 1/4" to 6" in diameter to cater to your specific requirements.

End Fittings: Extensive selection of end fittings including Camlock, Flange, Threaded, Sanitary, and Quick-Release options.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to virtually all chemicals, protecting against corrosion and ensuring extended lifespan.

Flexibility: Despite being strong, our PTFE lined hoses offer excellent flexibility for easy manipulation and handling.

Certifications: Our products are ISO, FDA compliant, underlining our commitment to delivering safe and trustworthy hoses across all sectors.

Applications of PTFE Lined Hoses:

Chemical transfer: Ideal for highly corrosive and dangerous chemicals due to the chemically inert properties of PTFE.

Pharmaceutical industries: Hygienic and contaminant-free, perfect for the pharmaceutical environment.

Food & Beverage processing: Our food-safe certified PTFE lined hoses are perfect for conveying food and beverage products.

High-temperature fluid transfer: Able to withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for heat transfer applications.

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